I provide highly personal, special care for you, your family, your wedding party, and your guests. I solve problems, I work to keep everyone feeling and looking their best, and I bend over backwards to ensure your wedding day experience is a joyful one from start to finish - and it shows in your pictures!


One of the most important decisions you will make about your wedding is who will capture it for you. My specialty is storytelling, and making sure that the story being told is one of love, joy, and ease. Unless you're a professional model, being photographed can be intimidating. Most couples are not at ease in front of the camera, but with a few simple words (or perhaps a groaner-level Dad joke if required) I can help make sure your experience isn't just pleasant, but actually enjoyable.


And here's the secret: When you're at ease in front of the camera, you'll associate that easy feeling with the image and it will always bring you the exact memory you're hoping for!


My wedding photography packages start at $2400 and can be customized to fit your needs and your budget.

"Photographs become something special when they evoke a joyful response from the viewer. When a simple image can return us to those moments of laughter, joy, and love, it transcends a simple snapshot and becomes art.”

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