Do you attend the rehearsal?

It is not normally necessary for me to rehearse, as I have been involved with hundreds of weddings and can say with a high degree of confidence that I will be able to stand there and do my part well on your wedding day. When asked to be part of the procession, all I have to do is walk in a forward direction. That doesn’t usually require rehearsal either. Most often, rehearsals are for planning when and how wedding party members and parents process, and what they might be asked to do during the ceremony. Those things have never involved me, at least so far since 2014 when I became ordained.

If you do not have a wedding coordinator, I am happy to help lead your wedding rehearsal either on the day of, or on the day before. Either scenario depends on my availability, of course. It is possible for me to perform more than one wedding in a day. Therefore it is prudent to decide this need early on, to make sure I am available to guide the rehearsal for you.