Do you perform simple elopements?

Absolutely. I have a simple elopement package that includes a basic ceremony text that is slightly modified with your wedding details. It's an economical way to tie the knot if you're interested in keeping things simple. Make sure you are aware of the minimum requirements for attendance, such as having at least two adult witnesses (New Jersey law).

Can you personalize a ceremony for us?

Definitely! I have two different packages available that involve customization. The basic package takes a common ceremony text I created and allows for something of a "Mad Libs" approach where certain details are added and a lean toward certain customized text areas can be altered to fit your needs. For true customization I recommend the Full package, which includes a ceremony text written specifically for your wedding.

How do you handle a disruptive guest?

In my "other" life I am a teacher, and handling disruptive situations with a combination of diplomacy, professionalism, and if necessary, "the look." This has always been a useful skill set for keeping ceremonies from being compromised by a disruptive guest.

Do you attend the rehearsal?

It is not necessary for me to rehearse, as I have been involved with hundreds of weddings and can say with a high degree of confidence that I will be able to stand there and do my part well on your wedding day. Processing, in the rare instances when I do it, requires me walking in a forward direction. That doesn't usually require rehearsal either. Most often, rehearsals are for planning when and how wedding party members and parents process, and what they might be asked to do during the ceremony. Those things have never involved me, at least so far since 2014 when I became ordained.


All of that said, if you really still think I need to be at your rehearsal, it is dependent upon my availability and a fee will be added to the overall contract.

Can you help us with our marriage license?

The license to get married is something that the couple has to acquire in person. They can acquire it at any township in their state, though the township where it will be turned in must match the township in which the ceremony takes place. My packages include delivery of the marriage license to the appropriate township immediately following the wedding (within five days). If you want to take it yourselves, you are welcome to do so, but I am more than happy to do it for you.


Each township's web site usually has helpful FAQs about the license and the post-wedding marriage certificate. The best way to begin is to perform a search on the township you're getting married in, and "marriage license."

Do you offer pre-wedding sessions?

I offer unlimited access to me for my couples, regardless of what package you select. Multiple pre-wedding sessions are rarely required, and they can be done virtually to help with travel time and expense. I am here for you as an information resource, and I'm happy to share my extensive wedding knowledge and experience with my couples.

Do you charge for travel? What about destination weddings?

I don't charge for travel if your wedding takes place within the included travel range for the package you select. Any travel beyond that range will have a travel reimbursement quoted with the package price. For travel to locations more than three hours


For destination weddings, actual travel expenses will be added to the package. I am happy to facilitate travel in any way that helps keep costs down. I have worked at weddings all around the U.S. and even in Europe. One time, my couple actually used their frequent flyer miles to fly me "across the pond" for their wedding in Scotland because they wanted a known person that they could work with before the wedding. There are many benefits to working with a vendor you know and have reasonable access to. You will have met me in advance, so you know what you're getting and you know you'll be comfortable with me. And, when your friends and family ask you for a recommendation on an officiant for a wedding, you will be able to give them one in our area.

What do you usually wear?

I'll chat with you about that in more detail, but the short answer is your choice of either a suit or a black cassock. With the cassock (or the suit, for that matter) I can also wear either an ivory or a rainbow stole (like a long scarf). I also have a black standard tuxedo if that is preferred. I am happy to dress in any way that is appropriate for your wedding. If any wedding is so specifically-themed that an entire costume rental or purchase is required, that exact cost would have to be reimbursed.

Why should I pay you when I can have someone I know get ordained online?

Officiating a wedding is more than just the act of getting ordained online. It requires creativity with writing the ceremony text. It requires a confident public speaker that can properly enunciate and professionally deliver the text. It requires experience with weddings, to know about possible problems before they arise. It requires someone who understands how the license should be filled out and returned to the proper authority.


This is your wedding. There is only one chance to deliver the text in a way that is sensitive, elegant, professional, easily understood, and confident. One chance. Trust it to a professional.

May I get your address for the license?

Yes, this is a question your township clerk should be asking you, so best to bring it with you. Here is the information you will need:


Michael Chadwick

6 Nantucket Court

Medford, NJ 08055

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