Because more than one wedding can be performed on a given day, if the circumstances are right, I can be available even if I already have another wedding. Therefore, I prefer to discuss my availability on an individual basis rather than publish any calendar with my available dates. So, please contact me through and let me know your plans. I promise to respond as quickly as possible.

If your wedding ceremony falls during the school year in the morning or afternoon during the week, it is unlikely I will be available unless it is a school holiday.

When I arrive at the ceremony site I will confirm the marriage license is present. I will help make sure everyone is lined up in the desired order of procession and answer any questions you may have. Following the ceremony, I will obtain any necessary signatures and provide you with your copy of the license. If your package includes it, I will be responsible for filing the license with the appropriate county office.

That depends on the distance to and from the wedding location. If it is within a short distance from Medford NJ, it would normally be an additional $100. If the wedding is much farther away, additional travel would be requested. If it is so far away that a hotel stay would be necessary, that would be reimbursed at the actual hotel stay cost.

Once we have agreed on a package that suits your needs, I will send you a proposal online. I currently send and book all contracts through online electronic systems. If you prefer a printed contract, I am happy to provide one that way as well.

As a former opera singer, it would seem like this is something I could easily do. However, I am no longer actively practicing voice and have not prepared music geared toward weddings or memorial services. I'm also a low bass, which is not typically the kind of voice people prefer to hear in those contexts. I am happy to direct you to any number of my vocal performer colleagues.

I have retired from wedding photography and no longer maintain the equipment and software necessary to perform that service. I am happy to recommend quality photographers if you are in need.

The short answer is, yes. The longer answer is, occasionally a court clerk gets sued by the ULC for religious discrimination when a minister of that church seeks registration with a particular county and that clerk decides to give the couple and/or minister a hard time.

I have photographed weddings in Pennsylvania where the minister was from all sorts of oddball churches, such as the Church of Bacon. Hundreds of couples get married by ULC ministers each year without any problems.

As an additional side note, I am not only a minister in the Universal Life Church. I am also a "Dudeist Priest" in the Church of the Latter Day Dude. So, if you're a Big Lebowski fan, you can actually join a church based on the cult classic film and have a Dudeist Priest be your officiant. Hilariously enough, this is not contestable under PA law.

Of course! I encourage my couples to infuse their wedding ceremony with their own personalities. Customized vows are an excellent opportunity to do just that. Not a great writer? That's okay, because I am. I'm happy to assist you in writing personalized and memorable wedding vows. I'm also happy to provide you with some samples to help get the creative juices flowing. Just ask!

You mean "marriages?" Yes. I am an Ally, a zealous believer in Marriage Equality and that any two consenting adults have the right to marry each other if they so choose. I will not treat any marriage differently than any other, while being sensitive and celebratory about the fact that this legal right was not always available to all.

Yes. Your furry babies are your family, and should absolutely be part of your ceremony. I will do my best not to pay too much attention to your dog, but I'm not making any promises.

I certainly do. I also perform ceremonies if you got married previously at a clerk's office and want to now have a more public celebration.