Yes, most happily. I am an Ally, a zealous believer in Marriage Equality and that any two consenting adults have the right to marry each other if they so choose. I will not treat one type of marriage differently than any other, while being sensitive and celebratory about the fact that this legal right was not always available to all. Love Is Love.

Here is a web site from the State of NJ that has helpful information on where to go and what you need to have ready:

There is a 72 hour waiting period, so if you plan on getting married on a given date coming up soon, you will need to make sure the license has been acquired in time for that waiting period to end prior to the ceremony. It is important you use the site above to find out where you should get your license, and what their policies and procedures are in that particular town.

You will need to have a witness when you get the license, and two witnesses (not including me, and not including your furry friend!) at the ceremony.

Following the wedding, I return the next business day to the municipality in which you got married, and I turn it in. If your wedding location is a considerable distance, I mail it that very next business day.

For your copies: you still have to go to the municipal clerk in that town to pick up the final certificate. I offer the delivery/mail service in case you are leaving for a honeymoon or leaving town and will not be around within the first few days when the certificate is due.

When I arrive at the ceremony site I will confirm the marriage certificate is present. I will answer any questions you may have, and confirm your witnesses (if in NJ). I will work with the vendors to ensure everything is set up properly, including any items which are needed for your ceremony. Prior to the ceremony starting, I will obtain the necessary signatures. If no planner is present, I will assist with getting everyone lined up if that is needed. After the ceremony, I will provide you (or a reliable person you designate for this purpose) with your copy of the certificate.

I certainly do. I also perform ceremonies if you got married previously at a clerk's office or had a smaller ceremony, and want to now have a more public celebration, or if you just want to renew your vows after many years of wedded bliss.

I am happy to wear a dark slate blue suit, light charcoal gray suit, or black slacks with black jacket or grey-black plaid sport jacket. I also am happy to wear a black cassock with either an ivory ULC stole or a rainbow stole. As we get closer to your wedding, the selections for what you will want me to wear are going to be part of your Wedding Ceremony Worksheet form questionnaire.

Yes. Your furry babies are your family, and should absolutely be part of your ceremony. I will do my best not to ignore you and pay too much attention to your dog, but I'm not making any promises.

Of course! I encourage my couples to infuse their wedding ceremony with their own personalities. Customized vows are an excellent opportunity to do just that. Not a great writer? That's okay, because I am. I'm happy to assist you in writing personalized and memorable wedding vows. I'm also happy to provide you with some samples to help get the creative juices flowing. Just ask!

That depends on the distance to and from the wedding location. If it is within a short distance from Medford NJ, it would normally be an additional $100. If the wedding is much farther away, additional travel would be requested. If it is so far away that a hotel stay would be necessary, that would be reimbursed at the actual hotel stay cost.

Once we have agreed on a package that suits your needs, I will send you a proposal online. I currently send and book all contracts through online electronic systems. If you prefer a printed contract, I am happy to provide one that way as well.

As a former opera singer, it would seem like this is something I could easily do. However, I am no longer actively practicing voice and have not prepared music geared toward weddings or memorial services. I'm also a low bass, which is not typically the kind of voice people prefer to hear in those contexts. I am happy to direct you to any number of my talented vocal performer colleagues.

I have retired from wedding photography and no longer maintain the equipment and software necessary to perform that service. I am happy to recommend quality photographers if you are in need.