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Weddings are usually a large series of things which could all go wrong, but somehow don’t.  We help ensure a smooth, enjoyable wedding journey.

Wedding Guides

Let us guide you through all of the ins and outs, the variables, and the things you need to know to make sure things go smoothly on your wedding day.


Your wedding is your story, and we love helping you tell that story to your friends and family. We help infuse your wedding with your personalities.

Service Experts

We have over a decade of experience going above and beyond for our wedding clients, giving them an experience greater than they expected.

We take care of our couples.

Award-winning service

We have been lovingly taking care of our couples for well over a decade. We set a high benchmark for customer service, basing our success and your experience on someone who has been a tremendous inspiration: Walt Disney.

Walt believed in “plussing” the experience for people, and that means doing something above and beyond what is expected. That’s the standard we set for ourselves, to make sure your wedding day journey is as stress-free as possible. Heck, we actually want you to enjoy your wedding. Imagine that!

A few things we’re great at

We provide many different services to help take wedding stress away.

Whole Weddings

Do you want us to select vendors that are a perfect match for your wedding?

We’ll happily take the reins.

Sit back and enjoy the ride.

The Last Mile

Do you want to meet with and select your vendors, but need guidance putting it all together as your wedding approaches?  We’ll walk that final mile with you.

The Day Of

If all you need is help to get you through your wedding day, we do that too. We are your advocate, your logistics expert, anything and everything you need.


We started out as wedding photographers, and we continue to provide this service for weddings.  We’ll be happy to have you meet our talented photographers.

Testimonials from Our Clients

We chose Michael because we loved a friend’s wedding photos that he shot, so we already knew we would be getting quality photographs, but we did not realize the great service we would be receiving as well! Michael pays attention to every detail of your wedding from the planning phase all the way through. He asks important questions and really gets to know everything about you and your family so that he can best capture each moment on your wedding day. I was beyond impressed on the day of our wedding. My straps kept falling – Michael had Hollywood tape. My bustle broke on my dress – Michael had pins and fixed it right there. Tears were flowing – Michael was there with tissues. I would recommend Michael Chadwick to anyone!

Angela and Mary
Fireweini and Thomas

Michael was absolutely wonderful! We had a two day cultural wedding, so it was a very busy weekend with many details and somewhat complicated logistics. Michael was so patient and professional even with the long 12-15 hour days. He was prepared for any bridal emergency such as Bobby pins, oil blots, and many other goodies in his waist pack. He worked very hard to make us comfortable and make our weekend as perfect as possible, which it certainly was.  Michael’s work was very detailed, with all of the important details from the decoration, to the food, to the cultural traditions, and to the beautiful smiles of our family and friends.  We have no regrets in choosing Michael and we would certainly like to use him again! We highly recommend Michael and his team!

If this is the only sentence you read of this review, just know that if you book Michael Chadwick, it’ll be the best decision you could make regarding your special day (or any other event you’re hoping to hire him for). We first met Michael two years ago, when he helped my now husband plan the perfect proposal at Grounds for Sculpture. Michael is not only extremely talented, but his compassion, knowledge and kindness, separate him from any other vendor we have ever worked with. Michael and his team were an absolute pleasure to work with the day-of. Michael also did a great job communicating with us leading up to the wedding and on the day of literally had everything we could have ever needed (safety pins, stain stick, etc.). He even helped my bridesmaids bustle my dress. Michael truly made our wedding go as smooth as possible, and we cannot begin to thank him enough as he will forever be a part of our special day.

Nyssa and Josh

Let’s chat more about your needs

An in-person consultation at our Medford studio is completely free. We would love to discuss your vision with you, and see what we can do to help bring that vision to life!

Latest Wedding and Event Tips

We love sharing tips from our experiences with weddings and events.
Be sure to check back regularly for new and helpful information.

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Summer will be coming in a few months, and that means beach weddings are happening just every weekend along the Jersey Shore. There are many variables in properly planning a beach wedding ceremony. It seems simple on the surface, but in reality, there are some significant logistical concerns with which you should be familiar before you get to the wedding day.
Here is some free wedding advice for couples out there planning their wedding. I'm talking today about the benefits of "Low-Tech Weddings". If you have gone to a wedding in the past three years, you probably have noticed a significant increase in the amount of technology intruding upon the couple's ceremony.
When you are as experienced with weddings as I am, you know about all of those little things which no one else thinks of amid the chaos of most wedding days. One of those issues has to do with skin being rubbed raw.

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