Most every wedding will have a seating chart of some kind. This is an excellent opportunity to personalize your wedding! Let’s get creative and come up with a seating chart that will amaze your guests and tell your story.

The goal

The goal with your seating chart is to let your guests know where they will be sitting, in a concise way which is easy to understand. Sometimes you’ll want to give them a fun keepsake from your wedding, and this is one place where that can also be accomplished.

Don’t be locked into using numbers. Tables aren’t always laid out in a specific number order at your reception, so having a numeric system isn’t always helpful. So, take the opportunity to get creative. Here are a few ideas of ways for guests to identify their tables without using numbers.

Make it your own

Infusing a wedding with your own personality isn’t all that difficult, it just takes a little planning and creativity. Think about your shared experiences, your history, your careers, or your hobbies. Think about the number of guests you will have and how many tables that will require. The number of tables will dictate how many items you’ll need to come up with.

Numbers are fine too

There is absolutely nothing wrong with using numbers to indicate tables. That doesn’t mean you’re stuck using a simple picture frame with a number printed on a piece of paper, though. There are ways to incorporate numbers into your table settings which can also tell your story. This past year I had couples who used pieces of nature, books (a Beauty and the Beast wedding), and a variety of things which incorporated a number into some other setting.

NJ Wedding Planners
Nature lovers who also happen to be woodworkers
Belle’s books for a Beauty and the Beast themed wedding

Ultimately, there’s no wrong way to let your guests know where they are sitting. That said, this is a wonderful opportunity to put your own stamp on a wedding’s aesthetic design. Guests love the creative way couples let them know where they’re going to sit.

Now all we have to figure out is who to put next to crazy Aunt Julie!


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