When you are as experienced with weddings as I am, you know about all of those little things which no one else thinks of amid the chaos of most wedding days. One of those issues has to do with skin being rubbed raw. Brides and bridesmaids frequently wear shoes or clothing they don’t usually wear, and proceed to walk around in those shoes and clothes for hours and hours. Depending on the time of year, that is compounded by high temperatures and lots of sweat. Wedding gowns don’t typically ventilate very well, so brides frequently spend the happiest day of their lives sweating under all of that chiffon and tulle and lace and taffeta.

In these situations, it is very common for ladies to end the day in a significant amount of pain. It can just be their feet, thanks to those uncomfortable (but oh-so-fashionable) shoes. It can be chafing from bra straps, or it can be chafing from the underside of the arms or the inner thighs rubbing together. Wedding days usually involve a lot of walking for the wedding party. It’s not just the ladies, either. The guys will end up walking a lot too, and if they do not take care of their bodies beforehand, they can suffer an uncomfortable next few days due to chafing.

I learned about Body Glide when I started long distance running several years ago. I endured some serious pain on long runs wherever my skin would rub against something (or itself). Body Glide was the solution, and it’s something almost every long distance runner knows about. It’s an invaluable part of any runner’s kit.

Wedding days are not unlike long distance running. In a given wedding day, it is not unusual for wedding party members to walk anywhere from three to six miles or more. For hotter wedding days, I highly recommend an anti-chafe stick or gel, especially to the bride and bridesmaids. It’s perfect for keeping those fabulous shoes from rubbing your feet raw. It’s great for the bride to keep herself comfortable under that poorly ventilated dress, too. I have witnessed many a bride truly suffering on her wedding day, and a simple application of Body Glide would have done wonders to prevent it.

Body Glide is a dry stick application which retains moisture, but repels water. This helps to protect against damp skin which contributes to rash, chafing, and blisters. It allows sweat to escape and skin to breathe, because it doesn’t clog the cells. It is child safe, vitamin enhanced, and derived from plant ingredients. There is even a “For Her” balm specifically geared towards women, made with allergen free ingredients.

I am not paid or reimbursed in any way from Body Glide for this article or use of their products. I simply believe in them and want to spread the word. They are an invaluable part of wedding day preparation, and even if you don’t use that particular brand, make sure you have some sort of anti-chafe in place. If you don’t, you could be in for a really painful day.


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