Kind words from our couples

Here are just some of our favorites from hundreds of reviews we have received.

I think the most important points to emphasize was how experienced, flexible, and professional Michael and his team were. It was clear how important it was to have someone there who could anticipate problems, advise and take advantage of opportunities, and roll with the punches. Michael not only was able to provide suggestions for photos in Philadelphia, but also helped to direct our driver through city traffic. He was prepared and easily worked around tourists, a variety of problematic guest personalities, and a popped tuxedo button.

Michael routinely went above and beyond in the pursuit of keeping the wedding party happy and comfortable. I truly cannot say enough about how great the experience was. Suffice to say, I wholeheartedly recommend their service.

Tracy and Alexander

Philadelphia Wedding

So this will probably be the easiest review I could ever write. I emailed Michael Chadwick on a Saturday night, and within 30 minutes I had a call back from him. He was easy to talk to, friendly, and knowledgeable. My biggest concern in hiring someone who was familiar with same-sex weddings. Not only had he and his staff had experience with them, but he was able to speak to my concerns. When we met with Michael, we instantly fell in love with him and it felt like I found my new best friend in our meeting. We blew through the hour of talking to him, and the moment we walked out the door, we knew. He made dealing with some more of our difficult family members seem effortless. I have been to and part of many weddings, and found him to be THE BEST to work with.

Michael and Rich

New Jersey Winery Wedding

What can I say about Michael Chadwick that hundreds of happy clients haven’t already said? Our big day would not have been the same without him. From our very first consultation to the end of the wedding night, he made the entire process fun, efficient, comfortable, and easy! Countless guests made a point to come up and tell me how wonderful he was. Mid-reception, Michael’s team member Nicole found one of my earrings out on the dance floor (eagle eye!), but the back was missing. As it turns out, Michael had a box that contained a huge variety of backings for me to choose from and I was back in business in 2 minutes. He came prepared, he drove a golf cart, he was even coaxed into singing a line of “That’s Amore,” and he made sure our day was nothing less than perfect.

Kellie and Dave

New Jersey Country Club Wedding

My husband and I had the great pleasure of working with Michael on our wedding day. He was simply the best and we’re so happy that we found him through The Knot. He asked us questions about us and didn’t focus on packages or prices like so many other companies do. His sense of humor, warmth, and breadth of discussion topics make him very easy to talk to, especially when you’re someone who is extremely anxious. On the wedding day, Michael is full service, paying attention to every aspect of the day. His Batman-like utility belt comes equipped with anything you can thing of including bobby pins, tissues, fashion tape, earring backs, and even safety pins for when your husband steps on your dress and rips it right before the reception (yes this happened and Michael was right there to help when everyone heard the “RIIIIIIP”).  He kept me comfortable and laughing the whole day, and it shows in my photographs. Michael goes far beyond the call of duty for your special day. Thank you Michael!!!

Angela and Jason

Northern NJ Multicultural Wedding

Michael is absolutely amazing! He brought humor, fun, and calmness (especially for me, the bride, when I needed it most) throughout the whole day! Our entire family and bridal party made several comments as well on how wonderful and fun Michael (and Sarah) were. He was there for just about anything that came up during the day. For example, my grandma had trouble pinning her flower to her dress, so Michael pulled out some double sided tape from his bag and saved her day! In addition to the actual wedding day, Michael sent many check in emails in the months prior to the wedding day to see if we needed any help or advice. He truly played an integral role in our wedding planning adventure from the very beginning. We actually wish Michael could have been one of our guests because he is so much fun to interact with 🙂 We honestly can’t recommend Michael enough!

Jersey Shore Wedding Planners
April and Nick

Jersey Shore Country Club Wedding

If you want to avoid all major crises on your wedding day, Michael Chadwick is your guy. He has a solution for everything and a calm demeanor which is a necessity when situations get hectic. He carries around a bag filled with everything: if you get a blister, if your dress rips, if you need tissues, if you get a headache, and so on, he has a solution for everything. He also has an infectious personality which makes you feel so comfortable and leaves you wanting to become life long friends with him when your wedding is over. He cares so much and takes the time to get to know everyone in your bridal party. His work is amazing, and I highly recommend him to anyone and everyone. My husband and I were so glad we chose him.

Essie and Nick

New Jersey Wedding