Most every wedding will have a seating chart of some kind. This is an excellent opportunity to personalize your wedding! Let's get creative and come up with a seating chart that will amaze your guests and tell your story.
Summer will be coming in a few months, and that means beach weddings are happening just every weekend along the Jersey Shore. There are many variables in properly planning a beach wedding ceremony. It seems simple on the surface, but in reality, there are some significant logistical concerns with which you should be familiar before you get to the wedding day.
Here is some free wedding advice for couples out there planning their wedding. I'm talking today about the benefits of "Low-Tech Weddings". If you have gone to a wedding in the past three years, you probably have noticed a significant increase in the amount of technology intruding upon the couple's ceremony.
When you are as experienced with weddings as I am, you know about all of those little things which no one else thinks of amid the chaos of most wedding days. One of those issues has to do with skin being rubbed raw.
Cakes can be a wonderful artistic expression, and when they tell your story at your wedding, it's even better.
In this post, I discuss the importance of LGBT+ inclusive language and how important it is to your business. I also talk about gender identities and what the LGBTQIAP+ acronym means.