michael chadwick, lead planner and Producer

I love solving problems

If you ever saw the film Pulp Fiction you might remember the character played by Harvey Keitel, named “The Wolf.” He calmly, efficiently, and effectively solved problems for a living. No panic, no stress, he simply used his resourcefulness and creativity to provide an immediate solution to a rather difficult situation.

After twenty years as an operatic producer and stage director, then after over a decade of photographing hundreds of weddings, I realized that what I enjoy the most is solving problems and making sure everyone is having a good experience.

I love and excel at organizing and producing events, meticulously attending to the needs of my couples and their guests. I realized during the act of photographing a wedding, what was bringing me the most joy wasn’t capturing the moment in a stunning and beautiful photograph. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy that. But, what really brings me the most joy and satisfaction is solving problems and making sure the couple’s day is the best it can be. I love breaking the tension with a Dad joke. I love making sure everyone looks and feels their best, so that they can enjoy their wedding to its fullest.

Over the course of many years, my wedding photography clients have written hundreds of five star reviews. It’s the reason I have won The Knot’s “Best of Weddings” award so many consecutive times. In almost every review, what they have written about wasn’t just the photographs or how comfortable I made them in front of the camera. They wrote a great deal and with great affection about all of the extra things I was doing to take care of them and their guests. It was handling one crisis after another. Calmly. Efficiently. It was putting out fires both figuratively and even literally in a couple of cases.

It was being “The Wolf” for my couples.

In the film when The Wolf arrives, he introduces himself: “I’m Winston Wolf. I solve problems.”

I’ve been called such things as “The Bride Whisperer” and “The Wedding Swiss-Army Knife.” I’ve had couples says things like “He’s everywhere and yet nowhere, never in the way yet always where you need him to be.” Like The Wolf, I take calm, efficient charge and solve the problems when they arise. Better yet, I solve problems before they become problems in the first place. I do this through meticulous planning and guidance with my couples. I ask lots of questions, get lots of input, and make sure my couples are getting what they want out of their event.

I promise I’ll do everything possible to ensure you have an amazing experience. Weddings and events are complex environments and situations where so many things can potentially go wrong, yet somehow don’t. They don’t because you choose to work with experienced vendors like myself. I have navigated those waters for well over a decade, hundreds of times. Let me use my expertise, confidence, humor, creativity, focus, and extensive resources to help you relax and enjoy your wedding celebration.

I’m Michael Chadwick.  I solve problems.

Yes, occasionally I do take a day off to keep this goofy wife of mine happy.